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This is a general product list. We have many more items. Please call the bakery for details.

Ciabatta Bread

Ciabatta Square Buns Doz Ciabatta Triangle Buns Doz Multi Ciabatta Square Buns Doz Everything Ciabatta Triangle Doz

Pizza Shells

Pizza Shell 6" Doz

Sausage Rolls/Meat Pies

Puff Sausage Rolls DozCocktail Sausage Rolls Doz Beef Pie EaMed Chicken Pot Pie Ea

Bagels & Other

Cheddar/Herb Bagel Doz Cheddar/Jalapeno Bagel Doz Cinnamon Bagel DozHoney/Wheat Bagel Doz Sesame Seed Bagel Doz Plain Bagel DozEverything Bagel Doz Harvest Bagel DozEnglish Muffins Doz


Cheese Scones Doz Raisin Scones Doz Blueberry Scone Doz Cranberry Scones Doz


Peanut Butter Cookies 8 Pack Oatmeal/choc chip Cookies 8 Pack Chocolate Chip Cookies 8 Pack Ginger 8 Pack


Orange/Cran Muffin Doz Blueberry Muffin Doz Carrot Raisin Muffin Doz Lemon/Poppy Muffin Doz

Pastries & Sweets

Apple Strudel 24" Ea Apple Turnovers DozAsst Fruit Turnovers Doz Cream Horns Doz Asst. Danish Doz Butterhorn Doz Cinnamon Buns DozBrownies Doz Nanaimo Bars Doz Buttertarts Doz


Cinnamon Cake Donuts Doz Old Fashion Cake Donut Doz Choc Long Johns Doz Choc Cream Long Johns Doz Boston Cream Donuts Doz Jelly Donuts DozGlazed Donuts Doz Apple Fritters Doz Cinnamon Fries Doz Chocolate Donuts Doz Choc Sprinkle Donuts Doz

Cakes (Decorated)

8x8-White / Chocolate ea 8x12-White / Chocolate ea 12x16-White / Chocolate ea 16x24-White / Chocolate ea

Sweet Dough/Brioche

3oz Brioche Kaiser Doz 4oz Brioche Kaiser Doz Brioche Sliders Doz Hot Dog Bun Doz 4oz Brioche/Multi Kaiser Doz Raisin Sandwich 32oz Ea Raisin Bread16oz Ea Tea Buns 8Pak Ea Hot Cross Buns (Seasonal) Doz

French Dough

Homemade Loaf 16oz Ea 14oz Short French Ea Garlic Bread Ea

Cheese & Oregeno

Cheese & Oregeno Loaf Ea Jumbo Cheese & Oreg 1125g Ea Cheese & Oregeno Mini Lf Doz

Foccacia Bread

Foccacia Bread Tray (16X24) Ea Foccacia 1/4 Tray Ea Pepperoni/Cheese Wraps Doz

Peasant Bread

Peasant Bread16oz Ea Peasant Sandwich 32oz Ea Jumbo Peasant Loaf Ea Jumbo Peas/Cranberry Loaf Ea

Sourdough Bread

Sourdough White Loaf Ea Sourdough Rye Loaf Ea Sourdough Sandwich 32oz Ea

Brown Bread

Jumbo Brown Loaf 1125g Ea Brown Sand 32oz Ea

Rye Bread

Rye Sandwich 32oz Ea Marble Rye Sandwich Ea Regular Rye Loaf Ea

100% W/W Bread

100% Bread16oz Ea6" 100% Subs Doz6" 100% Fat Fat Subs Doz 100% Dinner Buns Doz 100% Pan Buns Doz 100% Hamburger Bun Doz 100% Hot Dog Bun Doz100%3oz No Seed Kaiser Doz 100% Homemade Loaf Ea

White Bread

3oz Cheese Kaiser Doz3oz No Seed Kaiser Doz White Bread 16oz Ea White Dinner Buns Doz White Pan Buns Doz White Sandwich 32oz EaPoor Boy (Cheese) Doz6" White Sub Doz6" White Fat Fat Sub DozWhite Bread Hamburger bunsDoz White Bread Hotdog bunsDoz White Bread Hamburger bunDoz White Slider Buns Doz

Crispy (French)

16oz Baguette Ea22oz Short French Ea 22oz Short French (Sliced) Ea


Plain Croissants Doz Cheese Croisants Doz


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